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Bryce McKenzie

Bryce McKenzie

Bryce began his career 19 years ago as an interior designer for Liberty going on to manage design practices in both Glasgow and Edinburgh before opening his eponymous design studio in April 2008.

Since then he and his team have worked on bespoke interiors for clients across the UK and Europe in a variety of town and country houses. Each room is a reflection of both the client’s tastes and of Bryce’s inimitable style. A well researched yet original approach to every project results in spaces that are always truly individual. Attention to detail, understated elegance is apparent in every interior produced.

When planning the design for a house Bryce always takes great care to define the client’s needs both aesthetically and practically. Everyone’s home is a personal expression of who they are, so he spends a long time talking with new clients. It’s important to know exactly where you’re going with the entire project before embarking on any single part of it, that way decisions that may dictate the wrong path can be avoided. Breadth of vision over a project is key.

Bryce’s design style is recognised as strong in the layering of patterns, colours, and textures producing subtle rhythms to draw the eye around a room. Balance is maintained between traditional and contemporary, masculine and feminine, geometry and freeform, textures, tones and shades. Rules may be broken sometimes which can be more interesting than formulaic design. As such Bryce doesn’t have one particular look, although you can recognise a Bryce McKenzie room by the details, something he takes great pains over to finish a project perfectly.

I am inspired by nature and geometry and how the two are so entwined. Neither comes to life quite so well unless they have the other as a foil. Softly juxtaposed geometrics and florals produce a wonderfully balanced aesthetic.

My team and I produce beautiful interiors that reflect the client’s wishes perfectly. We do this on time and within budget. I love coming into work every day and I make sure my clients enjoy the experience just as much.